Absalon Studio I/S
Banegårdspladsen 5a
2600 Glostrup, Denmark
CVR 43676113


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When booking Absalon Studio, you are responsible for returning the space and any furniture and equipment to the same condition as when you took it over. If Absalon Studio determines that this is not the case, a compensation bill may be sent.

Absalon Studio does not have photography equipment available, but equipment pickup can be arranged before the booking date. Contact Absalon Studio well in advance of the booking date if this is desired.

Absalon Studio is a creative community where there will be other people present, unless you have booked the entire space. We will be there to let you in on the booking date, and at the end of the day, the doors can simply be closed after you. A key can be arranged for multiple days, contact Absalon Studio well in advance of the booking date if this is desired. The studio is located at floor level with five step staircase at the entrance, and not wheelchair friendly.

Electricity and Consumption
Additional charges will be added for video productions due to increased power consumption.

All equipment etc. fall under the insurance of the person who books Absalon Studio. Therefore, Absalon Studio has no responsibility for damaged equipment, and likewise, Absalon Studio is not responsible for damaged furniture or anything else used by those who book.
Opening hours
Absalon Studio is open by request and has no fixed opening hours. Notify Absalon Studio, and you can drop by and see the space.

Absalon Studio currently has no WiFi available.

Absalon Studio has a fridge and a filter coffee machine, but there will be no refreshments such as snacks available.

Parking is available outside Absalon Studio or at Glostrup Centeret nearby. Take note of local parking rules.

Makeup table
A makeup table can be set up before arrival, notify Absalon Studio in advance if this is desired.

Absalon Studio does not have kitchen facilities.

Absalon Studio is located in old DSB premises at Glostrup Station, so there are regular S Trains passing by the studio, as well as traffic outside with buses and taxis. Keep this in mind in case sound recording is needed. Loud music and the like are allowed in Absalon Studio, within reason.

Danish VAT is added to all prices on absalonstudio.dk.