Absalon Studio is a community of creatives who are interested in exploring and working in the intersections of different artistic fields, including photography, textiles, art, furniture design, vintage sales, and workshops. We are brought together in a shared space that is located in an old train station building in Glostrup.

The community is made up of individuals who have a passion for creating and expressing themselves through their chosen medium, but who also value collaboration and interdisciplinary approaches to art and design. By working in close proximity to one another and sharing resources and ideas, we are able to inspire each other and develop new techniques and approaches.

The train station building itself is an important part of the community's identity and is an inspiration to our creative endeavours. The building's historical significance and unique architectural features provides a unique backdrop for our work and add to the overall atmosphere of the space.

In addition to working on our individual projects, the community also offer workshops or events to share our skills and knowledge with others who are interested in the same fields. This helps to create a vibrant and engaged community that is open to new ideas and perspectives.

Mine Burckin
Emil Jakobsen
Camilla Brændgaard